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Meet the Creative Team of The Rift™
The talented people listed below are the skilled men and women whose hard work and determination got The Rift and several other titles off the ground and into the hands of you, the fans. So scroll on down and get to know us a little better. A few of us have posted some non-GI work just to add a little variety to the mix. Enjoy! If you see something you like feel free to write us directly via the contact info in our "contacts" section!

Artist Spotlight – Rob Atkins

My comic book career all began in 2003 when I attended Mega-Con in Orlando for the first time. I was attending the Savannah College of Art and Design for Sequential art, and had my portfolio in hand. I had no idea what to expect or how to get publishers to look at my work. Of course Marvel and DC weren’t there, and the CrossGen and Dark Horse portfolio lines were filled up in the first 15 minutes. So before I even knew what a 'portfolio line' was, I was too late. I was only going to be at the show Saturday and thought the show was a bust 30 minutes into it.
I started showing my portfolio to people in Artist’s Alley, meeting up-and-coming artists like Mark Brooks, and seasoned professionals like Tony Harris. Some critiques of my work were amazing and incredibly insightful, and some were the generic tips like work on anatomy and perspective.

In the course of showing my work around I came across Andrew Lovoulo and the guys associated with Graphic Illusions Studios. It was nice to see someone excited about my work, and he took me over to see Mitch Hyman. Mitch liked it and took me to see Marty Nodell (creator of the Green Lantern), Marty then asked his wife to take me over to Dark Horse to get a portfolio review. So I ended up getting to spend nearly an hour talking to Scott Allie (editor of Hellboy, Conan, and StarWars). I left very excited and having received a ton of feedback on my art.

GI JOE #34
Of course very soon after the show I was in contact with Andrew to work on his self-published book the The Rift! I drew issues #3 and #4, marking my first published work ever. It was great to be working on pages for a published book that also counted as my homework for school. Talk about two birds with one stone! I eventually had to leave The Rift because another artistic commitment that took all of my time, and I really didn’t want The Rift to lag because of my schedule. In hindsight I wish I would have just stayed on and finished the arc. But that type of vision is always 20/20 and I thought I was making the right decision at the time.

Since The Rift and graduation I started as a background artist for Randy Green on New X-Men: Academy X. I joined Tsunami Studios then became an inking assistant to Rick Ketcham on that same title and later New Excaliber. Soon after, in 2005 I received my next solo penciling gig with Devil’s Due Publishing penciling Snake-Eyes: Declassified #2 and #3. I continued to work with Devil’s Due as an inker and colorist on various G.I. JOE titles (Special Missions Tokyo, and Antarctica, America’s Elite #19-20, and covers for half a dozen Joe issues). I then penciled Dreadnoks: Declassified #3 in Feb 2007.

Last summer marked my first published work through Marvel Comics when I did a special projects, 12-page short story involving the Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Iron Man and the Hulk! It was a total blast to get to work on such iconic characters with my first Marvel work. Since then I have become the regular penciler for Forgotten Realms: Legacy at Devil’s Due, I have penciled and inked covers to G.I. JOE #33 and coming soon #34.

Later this month, on top of my penciling duties on Forgotten Realms I will be also starting my first work for DC Comics penciling Legion of Superheroes of the 31st Century that I am very much looking forward to be working on!

Through out most of this I have also been busy co-creating a comic series called Elders of the RuneStone, with my friend and writer Quinn Johnson (Tales of the TMNT). We have a preview of art at the RuneStone website, and are currently in production with the first issue. Inked by Marvel artist Rick Ketcham and colored by Bob Pedroza.

GI JOE #34
final cover

FR: Legacy

FR: Legacy
Page 4

FR: Legacy
Page 19

World War II
Captain Ameirca

Marvel Triple A

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