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Our Talented Pool of Artists And Friends
The talented people listed below are the skilled men and women whose hard work and determination got Immortal Kiss and several other titles off the ground and into the hands of you, the fans. So scroll on down and get to know us a little better. A few of us have posted some non-GI work just to add a little variety to the mix. Enjoy! If you see something you like feel free to write us directly via the contact info in our "contacts" section!
..Writers of Immortal Kiss™
Dion Floyd

Hometown: Randallstown, MD
Influences: Dwayne McDuffie, Jay Anacleto, Lai Brothers, Alex Ross, James Tucker
Favorite Movies: Blade, Fifth Element, The Matrix, Legend of Zu
Favorite Shows: Six Feet Under, Justice League, Forever Knight
Favorite Music: House, Jazz, Neo Soul
Quote: "Stay Focused."

Jens Altmann

Hometown: Hamburg, Germany
Influences: I try to learn from everyone worth reading.
Favorite Movies: Howard the Duck; Remo: the Adventure Begins; Galaxy Quest
Favorite Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alien Nation, A-Team
Favorite Music: John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, KISS, Queen
Quote: "Never give up, never surrender." - Galaxy Quest
..Artists of Immortal Kiss™

A. H. Rashid

Hometown: Flint, MI (Currently in Columbus, OH)
Influences: Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, George Lucas, Frank Miller, Stan Lee, Alan Moore, Ridley Scott
Favorite Movies: Most things action, horror, and/or sci-fi
Favorite Shows: Most things action, horror, and/or sci-fi
Favorite Music: Old school hip-hop, classical, alternative, rock…most everything except country
Quote: "Limits are set by man. Dreams accomplished are done by artists.”

Current Projects: Immortal Kiss, Marshal, New Generation

Tell us a little about your involvement with these projects.
I pretty much see myself as a director of a movie with a really cool script. I work to project visually what the creators of these projects had in mind. And, if I’m doing a REALLY good job, I can go beyond those expectations and really impress the studio. That’s what I do. ha-ha

What do you hope and envision for the future of these projects?
I want nothing less than a highly successful run for each of these books. I think they all hold their own in their respective genres. I am working to insure that these projects really make the readers feel like they’ve made a good investment and will continue to come back month after month (with growing numbers). I’m about making big things happen and I’m not settling for anything less that being the best in the industry. I think that kinda touches on what I have in mind. 

Chris Harden

Hometown: Anniston, Alabama
Influences: Jay Leisten, Todd McFarlane, Bart Sears, Eric Basaldua
Favorite Movies: Transformers The Movie, The Matrix
Favorite Shows: Buffy, Charmed, Friends, Ed, SouthPark, Simpsons
Favorite Music: Ludacris, Eminem, Audio Slave, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Buffet, Garth Brooks, 50 Cent
Favorite Super-Hero: Green Lantern - Hal Jordan
Current Projects: G.I. Studio's "Immortal Kiss".  Assistant Inker to Jay Leisten - published in Marvel's Age of Apocalypse, Joint Chiefs, Thor: Son of Asgard, Mystique, DC's Batman Villains-Secret Files 2005, The Legion, Birds of Prey, TopCow/Image's Darkness, Tomb Raider, Season of the Witch, Witchblade, Wolverine/Witchblade and Darkness/Vampirella crossovers. Most recent: The Fro.
..Colorist of Immortal Kiss™
Erik Korsgaard

Title: Colorist
Hunting Grounds: NJ Turnpike.
Favorite Movies: Gigli, From Justin to Kelly
Favorite Shows: Cop Rocks, Arli$$
Quote: May I refer you to the tattoo?

Current Projects: The Rift, Immortal Kiss, Asbury Elf, Alf Sacks York
Andrew J. LoVuolo

Hometown: Chelsea, Massachusetts
Influences: Go Nagai, McFarlane, Lucas, Speilberg, Stan Lee and Palmiotti
Favorite Movies: Anything Sci-Fi/Anime, Halloween and Superman
Favorite Shows: Star Trek: TNG, Enterprise, Smallville, and The Simpsons
Favorite Music: From Modern Alternative to 80's Rock
Quote: "No piece of art is ever finished, it is merely abandoned for the next dream."

Current Projects: The Rift™, Marshal™, Immortal Kiss™, and Urban Sprawl™

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