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Thirty five years have passed since the fall of The Great Heroic Age. The world has become a cynical place that rejects the notion of masked superhuman protectors in favor of a more militaristic guardian. A cold and unfeeling protector, yet one that can be held accountable for its actions. However, this Age of Guardians is not all that it seems.

As our story unfolds, the distinction between hero and villain will become clearer. This clarity may spell the fall of the Age of Guardians...and the rise of a Second Heroic Age.
Intrepid is the story of a heroic band of individuals thrown together by chance who stumble upon a vast conspiracy.  As their investigation deepens and the threat becomes clearly defined, they will discover that more than their lives, or even their world, stands at risk.

The Age of Guardians has ended. Long live the Intrepid!

..Heroes and Villains
Annabella "Bella" Scuzleoni™
At only 20 years of age, Dr. Annabella Scuzleoni has been praised as one of the greatest scientific minds the world has ever produced. However, despite the many accolades heaped upon her, Annabella dreams of a better life, a life of meaning and purpose. She dreams to live the life of a hero. Denied the opportunity to use her paranormal abilities in the service of the world she loves, Annabella waits patiently for a time when the world will embrace heroes once more. Her patience will soon be rewarded.

Keith Dawson™
Bartender and owner of La Cancion, a dive near the Mexican/American boarder, Keith Dawson is a simple man with simple taste. He has resided in the town of San Miguel for nearly a year and has built a respectable clientele of despicable lowlifes. La Cancion is, in fact, a haven for cut throats and miscreants of every sort...and Keith wouldn't have it any other way. Indeed, life is good for this redheaded stranger who's managed to fully escape his odious past. That is until a certain fugitive walks into his bar. From that point forward, Keith Dawson's life will never be the same.

The Wild Card™
No great sci-fi/action thriller is complete without a monster at the heart of the story... and "Heroes and Villains" is no exception. While the manhunt for the fugitive from Area 49 initiates the story, it will soon become apparent that there are forces at work which carry far greater ramifications than those of an escaped prisoner. In fact, the introduction of this character may raise the stakes of "Heroes and Villains" from a national manhunt to that of a global conspiracy.

The Hunted™
Among the many mysteries of the legendary military base Area 49, are its detainees. "Heroes and Villains" focuses on a manhunt for one such detainee, a man acknowledged as being one of the most dangerous men alive. This man, his identity, and his ambition will herald the changing of an era.

Thaddeus Payne™
Thaddeus Payne is an Assistant Director in the Paranormal Protection Agency and the son of World War II hero Timothy Payne. Like his father, Payne has dedicated the majority of his adult life to the protection of man against all things paranormal. As the "Heroes and Villains" story begins, he is overseeing the transfer of an extremely dangerous prisoner. However, what should be a simple task quickly spirals out of control leading to a deadly manhunt.

Vincent Scuzleoni™
CEO of BellaTech Solutions and a former Sicilian Police Captain, Vincent Scuzleoni is the father of the most beloved global icon on the face of the planet-Annabella Scuzleoni. In fact he has built an empire for his daughter's sake and wants nothing less than for her to attain every goal her heart desires. However, the one thing that he cannot give her, is the thing she craves the most; the life of a hero. That being the case, Vincent can only provide a steady and sympathetic shoulder for his "Bella" to lean on.

The Paranormal Protection Agency (P.P.A.)™
The Paranormal Protection Agency is a division within the Department of Health and Human Services. The Agency or PPA was deemed necessary as a direct result of the presidential assassination of 1975. As a result, newly appointed President Spiro Agnew, along with Congress instituted the Paranormal Registration Act of 1975. This Act of Congress required that all paranormals born and/or living within the borders of the United States be registered with the government. It would also eliminate the allowance of vigilantism and create a law enforcement unit to curtail illegal paranormal activity, which is believed to have escalated as a direct result of that vigilantism.

To assist in this goal, the P.P.A. was given control of the country's already existing paranormal related task force, Guardian. Prior to 1975, Guardian had been under the direction of the Defense Department, since both its and the Defense Department's inception in 1947. Any situation in which a paranormal was involved in a crime, suspected of being involved a crime, caught in violation of restrictive ordinance created by the Act of 1975, and/or refusing to cooperate with a PPA Agent and/or Directive, this division is called in.
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