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A Word From The Creator
At first glance, Marshal™ might appear to be a techno-enhanced western, but when you see how it is grounded in reality by having the story revolve around human colonists, set in the not-too-distant future, focusing on their hardships and triumphs — it begins to say a lot more about human nature and the evil that men do and, conversely, the ever-lasting theme of hope. Marshal™ pits brother versus brother, government versus corruption, and hope versus despair.

Marshal™ is a trademark of Bill Tortolini & Andrew LoVuolo ©2009


Marshal Synopsis
Earth’s first off-world colony, Tranquility, once thought to be the greatest human achievement, is in ruin. All contact with Earth has been lost and the supply chain stopped years ago. Civilization has degraded to something similar to the 'Old West'. Where there was once government, there now exists gangs and corruption. Only one corporation, the Merkaid™, remains in power and it has seized control of the population. Fear and hunger have overcome the colonists, but a glimmer of hope is on the horizon. Rumors of a man calling himself ‘Marshal’ are spreading across the frontier – a Marshal who just might bring justice back to the people.
Set in the not-too-distant future, the story follows the actions of Curtis Masters (Marshal), son of the last known law officer of Tranquility. He is a young man seeking to uncover the secrets of the corporation that he believes murdered his father. It's been twelve years since his father’s death and Curtis has been building an expansive complex located in New Houston – the planet’s only city untouched by Merkaid. It is here that Curtis will follow in his father’s footsteps building a regime hell-bent on overthrowing the Merkaid and in the process he'll try to discover the truth behind his father's untimely demise.
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