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What Tears Their Lives Apart - Will Bring Their Souls Together!
The Rift™ tells the tale of three ordinary humans who, like us, go through the same motions of everyday life. These three strangers are forced together to confront things that they neither believe nor understand. The Rift™ is a book that delivers characters that you will care about, thoughtful dialogue, a sense of mystery and wonderment.

..The 'Good Guys'...
Julie Ryan™ | The Student
Irish-Italian Bostonian college student whose family history is soon to be revealed as one steeped in otherworldly magic. She's a normal 20-something young woman on the verge of finding her true place and purpose in a much larger universe.

Nicky Nuzzo™ a.k.a. Angst™ | The Loner
Nicky has got a secret past and a big mouth. He's a young male through and through. He loves women and he loves himself. All we know about his past is that he has no known family and that he was a human test subject for the Vampires’ physical augmentation experiments. His personal agenda is to search for answers to everything going on around him while using what little he knows to help stop those that tortured him. It wouldn’t hurt to steal a young woman’s heart in the process.

Silo'Ett™ | Alien Herald
He's travelled across space and time to get here. He has leaped through a one-way portal to a planet not his own. Can he get a small band of beings called 'humans" to believe his story and more importantly can he successfully use the knowledge that an ancient wizard gave him to stop the Ja'Laar™ and his men from destroying the Earth just like they destroyed his home planet, Kudar™?

John Spencer™ | Skeptical Scientist
John Spencer has spent all of his life trying to create a device capable of turning anyone's memories into a physical hologram. On the verge of true discovery something terribly goes wrong. Will he ever realize his dream or will a fatal explosion change his life forever?

Tyrone Robinson™ | Best Friend / Fellow Scientist
Another man in another average life. He has been best friends with John Spencer for as long as he can remember. This fellow scientist is about to see many laws of physics broken right before his eyes.

..The 'Bad Guys' & More...
Ja'Laar™ | Villainous Leader
This self-proclaimed leader of this group of killers and conquerors has brought the battle to our quiet little world. His mission is to find a key to unlimited magic or is it? Whatever the endgame may be Ja'laar knows that he will always be the victor!

The Vampire Queen
She’s young, cute, and athletic and lives a dual life between royalty and being the general of her surviving people. Her purpose is to provide restraint on Ja’Laar and to protect her people regardless of the final outcome of their unavoidable battle.

Y'Nett™/ The Abyss™ | Weapons Expert
The trip to Earth made him vulnerable to deadly gas, Oxygen. Luckily for him he wears a living armor that he developed that adapts to any given situation. He's the right hand man for Ja'Laar, but who or WHAT really lies behind that heavy face mask?

Vex™ | Brawn
He's the same race as Ja'laar and the usual gentle giant, but don't let the silence fool you. His bark may not be present, yet you can be sure you'll feel him bite!

We all know the legends and it has been a secondary goal to ground them more in our reality in our story. In The Rift Universe Vampires have slightly increased strength and the ability to hypnotize humans. Vampires drink human blood because it’s the closest thing to Kudarian nectar that provided them nutrition on their homeworld. Vampire bites don’t breed new vampires. Our vampires are not immortal, yet they can live roughly 200-300 years in our universe. By tinkering with their own DNA they have isolated and blocked their ‘aging’ genes making them able to live for centuries and remain youthful for decades.

They are animal-to-humanoid shape-shifters. Contrary to belief they cannot pass on their 'curse' through biting their victims. They are mortal. On Kudar they were considered to be middle class or working the caste. Shortly after their arrival on Earth it was discovered that their shape-shifting powers were affected by Earth's lunar phases and that they had a fatally allergic reaction to the Earth metal - silver. Although they would never have sided with Vampires on Kudar they are now divided amongst themselves just as the Vampires are. They fall into the same two factions or clans. The first is to remain underground and to “blend into” human civilization. The second faction is disgusted with their lack of power and they await the coming of a new revolution alongside Ja’Laar and his men when they return.


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