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What Tears Their Lives Apart - Will Bring Their Souls Together!
The Rift™ tells the tale of three ordinary humans who, like us, go through the same motions of everyday life. These three strangers are forced together to confront things that they neither believe nor understand. The Rift™ is a book that delivers characters that you will care about, thoughtful dialogue, a sense of mystery and wonderment.

..The Rift™ Testimonials
"Hi, I picked up issues 1 - 3 & the bookmark of course at Wizard World Chicago and you did not disappoint. The story is original and exciting, you can't go wrong with vampires & aliens. The artwork is amazing! When should we expect Issue #4 and is there a mailing list to join to be updated on future releases? Looking forward for more 'Rift' comics and merchandise. Thanks for the great read!" - Keith Rochford

"Andrew, I just finished reading issue 4, which I picked up at MegaCon this year.  Of course it's been so long since I picked up issues 1 through 3 at the Orlando Comic Book Convention some time ago, that I had to go back and re-read issues 1 through 3 again.  And I'm glad I did.  This is an intricately woven story that definitely kept me interested and has me wanting for more!  I want to know who the guy is that's following/protecting Julie Ryan? Why is it that Silo'Ett specifically chose Dr. Spencer of all the people on Earth? Who is going to ultimately gain control of the Relic?...So much story, I don't know how you are going to finish it in only 6 issues!...Thanks for keeping it going!" - Todd Latoski

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