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UPDATED 11/29/10
Intrepid Heads to Diamond with Retailer Incentive Cover!
GRAPHIC ILLUSIONS COMICS is pleased to announce that Intrepid #1 will be available for ordering in the December issue of PREVIEWS (order code DEC100980) for February shipping. An alternate cover, by series artist MONTOS, will ship with every third copy ordered. Read more

UPDATED 8/14/10
G.I. Comics unveils Lightning Rod: Defender of Crimson!
Graphic Illusions Comics is proud to present a first look at Lightning Rod: Defender of Crimson!™, one of two action packed adventures that will be featured in the first issue of our forthcoming Shonen Double Feature™ title.  Lightning Rod follows the frustrated life of high school sophomore Rodney Lake and his quest to live a "pedestrian" life in world he fears and loathes.  However, his quest for irrelevance comes to a grinding halt when fate steps in and grants him superhuman powers. This comedic coming of age tale is brought to you by the creative team of Jose Loeri and Robert Richardson.  Keep and eye on this site for more updates on Lightning Rod and Shonen Double Feature and Enjoy the Preview!

UPDATED 8/10/10
Shonen Double Feature Put On Tentative Hold
Washington, DC - Graphic Illusions Comics President Jose Loeri announced today that the release date of Shonen Double Feature, the company's second offering in its Second Wave Universe titles, is tentative until further notice. Read more

UPDATED 8/5/10
Sequential Tart reviews Intrepid issues 1-4!
Patti Martinson of the popular Web Zine Sequential Tart reviewed Intrepid™ issues one through four for their "Comic Report Card" page. Please stop by and check it out. Issue by issue the reviews trend upward proving, as many reviewers have noted, that Intrepid™ is an enjoyable progressive story that does not disappoint!

UPDATED 7/29/10
2010 San Diego Comic Con has been Con-quered!
We'd like to thank everyone who stopped by the BCE/CAS booths at Comic Con to check out their products and our comics. It was a pleasure meeting you all and selling sets of The Rift™ and sketches to those of you who checked out our books. Andrew had a blast meeting Marilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks), Eric Nyenhuis from Retro Radio Live on Sirius XM, and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (Welcome Back Kotter) with whom he shared a table with on Saturday. Andrew also shook hands with Ain't It Cool News founder Harry Knowles too making this another great show to remember.

UPDATED 7/9/10
Graphic Illusions Comics Sees Double in July!
Washington, DC, July 9, 2010- Graphic Illusions Comics proudly announces the beginning of Double Feature Month. After months of preparations and build up GI Comics will count down to the release of its latest Second Wave Universe offering, Shonen Double Feature (SDF), with a series of weekly web updates spotlighting the books creative staff, character bios, and previews of coming attractions. Read more...

UPDATED 7/8/10
G.I. Comics Brings Back the Double Feature! Plus FUAQ's!
Washington, DC-9 July 2010 - Six months after the release of the critically praised title Intrepid™, Graphic Illusions Comics (GIC) expands the landscape of its Second Wave Universe (SWU) with the release of Shonen Double Feature #1 (SDF) this July. To explain the context of the title within the SWU, series co-creator Jose Loeri has provided answers to what he calls 5 Frequently UN-Asked Questions. Enjoy!

UPDATED 7/7/10
The 5-Page Preview of Intrepid #4 Is Here!
Our schedule stumbled a bit as we have been shifting our energies into new media deals, retailer relations and such. More importantly we've been trying to work around technical issues on our current printer's web store for months now with no resolve in sight. With these obstacles soon overcome we give you a teaser of Intrepid #4 and it's a hot one! We'll be posting new sales info soon. Until then please enjoy our latest comic book preview!

UPDATED 5/21/10
Teaser Art Lightning Strikes Twice!
OK, we took a little break from the weekly scheudule, but rest assured another new teaser image has been added to the Shonen Double Feature page. Here's another peek into the world of Lightning Rod™ this time at the himself. Check out this cool new artwork from series artist Rob Richardson (Dragon Cross™, The Rift).

UPDATED 4/22/10
Double your action. Double your pleasure!
Still asking, "What is Shonen Double Feature?". Well we still can't tell you everything just yet, but we've added another teaser image to the Shonen Double Feature page. This time we get a peek into the world of Lightning Rod™.

UPDATED 4/18/10
The 6-Page Preview of Intrepid #3 Goes LIVE!
We just posted the teaser preview for our Intrepid #3, the newest issue of our all new sci-fi series. So jump on over, delve into the story synopsis, and be the one of the first people to view the latest incredible sequential artwork from Montos and the rest of the Intrepid™ creative team!

UPDATED 4/16/10
We've made some changes to our Publishing Schedule!
Hey everyone, we've had to shuffle some shipping dates on our 2010 publishing schedule due to unforseen factors. 16 new pages of inked artwork for The Rift #6 just came in, but I will be taking a while longer on finishing that script while our colorist is hard at work on these newly inked pages. Also Shonen Double Feature has been pushed back a tad, but will still be coming out shortly after the soon-to-be released Intrepid #3.

UPDATED 4/14/10
Boston Comic Con 2010 - Conquered!
Thanks to everyone of you who took a chance and picked up entire sets of The Rift™ as well as single issues of The Rift™ and our newest series, Intrepid™! Jose, Alan, Zeke, and I had a blast sketching, signing and selling all weekend long. This show was so big that people were being turned away until there was enough room (allowed by fire code) to let them in! We look forward to seeing you at the next show and to bringing you more great stories to read and artwork to feast your eyes on.

UPDATED 4/10/10
Double your action and double your pleasure!
What is Shonen Double Feature? Well we can't tell you everything just yet, but we've added a teaser image to the Shonen Double Feature page that will be rotated weekly until the big reveal. Keep checking back for more teasers for this hot new title. Right now everything is just a "blur".

UPDATED 3/31/10
Taking Boston Comic Con by storm April 10-11th!
We will be appearing at the upcoming Boston Comic Con at Westin Boston Waterfront on 425 Summer St. in Boston. More space = more guests and vendors! This will be the first time that multiple creators from out-of-state will be converging in one location. Come talk to Jose Loeri, writer and creator of Intrepid™ Come check out our new titles and get them signed and don't forget to check out Boston's own Andrew LoVuolo (The Rift™, Marshal™) and Enrique Savory Jr. (The Rift™, Totem™). We hope to see you all there!

UPDATED 2/18/10
Geeks of Doom reviews Intrepid #1 and 2!
"...Both issues have some nice action scenes and enough intrigue to leave you wanting more by the time you close the book...Kudos to Jose Loeri for being persistent with his creation and bringing in the right people to enhance his story. I recommend checking out Intrepid." Read the full article here.

UPDATED 2/16/10
Ain't It Cool News reviews Intrepid #1!
'Ambush Bug' from the popular Aint It Cool News website has reviewed Intrepid™ #1 in their recent edition of 'Indie Jones' comic book reviews. Head on over to read his mostly positive review the series' first issue. He seems to be a big fan of the artwork and even compares artist Montos' work to that of 2000 AD artist Kev Walker.

UPDATED 2/16/10
The Paperback reader reviews Intrepid #1 - 2!
Comics Bulletin's Daily Reviewer, Danny Djeljosevic, gives his honest opinion on our freshman and sophomore issues of Intrepid™. We take the good with the bad and the bad with the good here and thank Danny for his unbiased review of our first two issues in this series.

UPDATED 2/7/10
Intrepid™ #2 6-Page Preview is Live!
Head on over to the Intrepid™ mini-site to check out the all-new six page preview of the upcoming Intrepid™ #2! After the jump you'll find the first six pages, a teaser synopsis, and your first glimpse at the cover for this exciting follow up issue!

UPDATED 1/19/10
The Sun Chronicle interview about G.I. Comics!
Mike Gelbwasser of the Attleboro Sun Chronicle revisted us for an interview with writer/creator of The Rift™, Andrew LoVuolo and Jose Loeri, writer of Intrepid™ to discuss the recent formation of Graphic Illusions Comics as an all-new collaboration between Crucial Crisis Comix and Graphic Illusions Studios. Find out what this new partnership means to fans of both companies in Mike's latest interview with our team.

UPDATED 1/18/10
The 2010 G.I. Comics Publishing Schedule is Here!

We've just put together a new publishing schedule page to keep everyone posted on our upcoming release dates. We plan on announcing things one year at a time and will continue to update this schedule whenever a new comic title is anounced or in the event that something moves around a bit due to unforseen factors. Please click here to view our 2010 Publishing Schedule.

UPDATED 1/13/10
Intrepid™ Mini-Site Goes Live!
Happy New Year! We've got a lot of things coming at our fans in 2010 and we're kicking it all off with the all new mini-site for our Intrepid™ comic book series. This section contains character bios, a series synopsis, series creative credits, and an awesome 6-page preview of Intrepid's art and story along with the hot cover by Montos! Check it out here.

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