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Paul Gulacy: The Master of "Comic Fu"

The Man. The Myth. The Legend.
Who is Paul Gulacy? Younger fans may know him as the classic artist who has returned to give us a whole new Shang Chi: Master of Kung Fu or the man who is soon to give us a great new version of Catwoman with the help of Ed Brubaker and his inking soulmate, Jimmy Palmiotti. Older fans will remember him as THE artist who brought the "unofficial" essence of Bruce Lee to the comic book masses when he debuted with his original Shang Chi stint quite a few moons ago.

No matter how you remember the name 'Paul Gulacy' the simple fact is - you just do! His work spans decades and he's still going strong! His talent is much in demand by both Marvel and DC Comics on everything from Batman to Catwoman and to his creator owned titles such as Reload and S.C.I. Spy.

To learn more about Paul and his most recent works in the comic book field visit!

The cover to the Rift #4
Pencils: Paul Gulacy, Inks: Jimmy Palmiotti, Colors: Erik Korsgaard

View the 5-Page Preview here


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