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Retailer Incentive Cover
UPDATED 11/29/10
Intrepid Heads to Diamond with Retailer Incentive Cover!
GRAPHIC ILLUSIONS COMICS is pleased to announce that Intrepid #1 will be available for ordering in the December issue of PREVIEWS (order code DEC100980) for February shipping. An alternate cover, by series artist MONTOS, will ship with every third copy ordered.

Intrepid™ is a 28-page black and white monthly series featuring the bold new creative talents of Jose Loeri (writer) and Montos (artist). Issue #1 begins the seven part HEROES AND VILLAINS story arc which lays the foundation for future events within GI Comics' SECOND WAVE UNIVERSE.

Series creator Jose Loeri describes HEROES AND VILLAINS as a cross between AKIRA and SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. On a larger scale the Intrepid™ series examines a world that has long ago renounced its adoration for superheroes and asks the question: "Are heroes needed even if they are not wanted?"
In his glowing review of Intrepid™ #1 Ain't It Cool News reviewer Ambush Bug stated: "This is a very cool story...", and "Can't get over how awesome the art is on this one. Fantastic stuff!"

More information on Graphic Illusions Studios can be found here:
More information on Crucial Crisis Comix will be found here soon:

UPDATED 2/18/10
Shonen Double Feature Put On Hold.
8/10/10 - Washington, DC - Graphic Illusions Comics President Jose Loeri announced today that the release date of Shonen Double Feature, the company's second offering in its Second Wave Universe titles, is tentative until further notice.

"We're in the final stage of the production grind,” Loeri explained, "but time and unforeseen occurrences are hampering our efforts a bit. All the same, we offer our apologies, but not excuses. This year has been a busy and productive one for our production staff. We have, and will continue to do our level best to hit our scheduling marks for the remainder of the year. Please keep an eye on our website for updates on Shonen Double Feature’s release."

Friday, July 9th, 2010:
Graphic Illusions Comics Sees Double In July!

Thursday, July 8th, 2010:
Graphilc Illusions Comics Brings Back The Double Feature - FUAQ's!

Thursday, December 23rd, 2009:
Crucial Crisis Comix brings a "Second Wave" of Entertainment to Graphic Illusions Studios!

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008:
New Legend Productions and GI Studios Introduces!

Friday, November 10th, 2006:
Shocker Toys to produce The Rift™ action figures under the Indie Spotlight line!

May 2nd, 2005:
New Trailers, New Banner, New Books, and More!

September 11th, 2004:
G.I. Studios and Gabriel Film Group bring comics to film!

April 20th, 2004:
The Rift™ #4 Print Complications

December 2nd, 2003:
The Rift™ Issue Four the Best Yet!

August 4th, 2003:
The Rift™ #3 gets a new artist, Robert Atkins, and a cover by Gulacy and Palmiotti
..Interviews / Reviews
UPDATED 2/18/10
Geeks of Doom reviews Intrepid #1 and 2!
"...Both issues have some nice action scenes and enough intrigue to leave you wanting more by the time you close the book...Kudos to Jose Loeri for being persistent with his creation and bringing in the right people to enhance his story. I recommend checking out Intrepid." Read the full article here.

UPDATED 2/16/10
Ain't It Cool News reviews Intrepid #1!
'Ambush Bug' from the popular Aint It Cool News website has reviewed Intrepid™ #1 in their recent edition of 'Indie Jones' comic book reviews. Head on over to read his mostly positive review the series' first issue. He seems to be a big fan of the artwork and even compares artist Montos' work to that of 2000 AD artist Kev Walker.

UPDATED 2/16/10
The Paperback reader reviews Intrepid #1 - 2!
Comics Bulletin's Daily Reviewer, Danny Djeljosevic, gives his honest opinion on our freshman and sophomore issues of Intrepid™. We take the good with the bad and the bad with the good here and thank Danny for his unbiased review of our first two issues in this series.

UPDATED 1/19/10
The Sun Chronicle interview about G.I. Comics!
Mike Gelbwasser of the Attleboro Sun Chronicle revisted us for an interview with writer/creator of The Rift™, Andrew LoVuolo and Jose Loeri, writer of Intrepid™ to discuss the recent formation of Graphic Illusions Comics as an all-new collaboration between Crucial Crisis Comix and Graphic Illusions Studios. Find out what this new partnership means to fans of both companies in Mike's latest interview with our team.

UPDATED 8/3/09
Ryan Quintal interviews Enrique Savory Jr. about comic art!
This past weekend Ryan stopped by our booth at the Comic Book Show in Westford, MA. Also featured in his video is our good friend Jason Casey, 52 Zines' creator Josh Sullivan, and our own Enrique "Zeke" Savory Jr.. Zeke took time to share some of his expertise while sketching a Ja'laar™ (The Rift™) piece for Ryan. Ryan's next video post will be a tutorial on how to take the sketch of Ja'laar™ and digitally ink it into Adobe Illustrator. Comic Book Show - Westford, MA by Ryan Quintal

UPDATED 7/28/09
The Sun Chronicle chats up Andrew LoVuolo about writing!
Mike Gelbwasser of the Attleboro Sun Chronicle sat down recently with writer/creator of The Rift™, Andrew LoVuolo, and chatted him up about writing comics with a focus on using Boston-based locations in The Rift™. The interview also discusses the state of the comics biz today as well as a little backstory on Graphic Illusions Studios and the books Andrew has been involved with. Head on over and give it a read!

With One Magic Word's interview with Andrew LoVuolo

UPDATED 1/28/08
'Journal Du Fan' reviews Immortal Kiss.
Unfortunately we do not have any French-speaking staff members we do have a friend that knows enough to tell us that this scanned magazine review is very detailed and overall positive one of our detectives & vampires themed series.

Journal Du Fan' Alternative Comix review

UPDATED 7/20/07
Another review is 'No Emergency'..
Marc Mason took his turn on the Immortal Kiss™ #2 line and gave us another positive review for the latest issue of the limited series vampire/detective comic. Click on over to the Comics Waiting Room to see wat Marc had to say about IK #2. :: Immortal Kiss™

UPDATED 7/19/07
Ain't It Cool? Deja Vu.
Just a few months back we donated 250 issues of The Rift™ to's Octo-Butt-Numb-A-Thon. Now we're proud to announce that the first two issues of Immortal Kiss™ have just been positively reviewed by 'Ambush Bug' over on the very same ultra-popular comics and film website! Click the link and scroll down just a bit to read what he had to say. :: Immortal Kiss™

UPDATED 7/18/07
Podcast: Return of the Pod People!
On May 31st, 2007 at 8 pm – Dion Floyd, creator of Immortal Kiss™, participated in his first podcast to promote his flagship title as well as the rest of the G.I. Studios library on the website. Click on the links here to listen to Dion's interactive online interview! ::
Immortal Kiss™

UPDATED 7/14/07 turns us into Pod People!
Portugal-based Miguel Rodrigues from did an great job of interviewing writer/creator Andrew J. LoVuolo (The Rift™, Marshal™) about how he founded Graphic Illusions Studios, how he broke into comics, about the publishing process, and about the studio's plans for the future. Although LoVuolo has previously been interviewed via phone and in person this was his first recorded Podcast!

Episode 30; July 2007 :: MP3 :: The Rift™

UPDATED 7/13/07
A 'Variety' of Reviews for Immortal Kiss.
Dion Floyd's latest issue of Immortal Kiss has already started to sell like hotcakes through our growing list of retailers and as we roll out this current installment of the series reviews have come in from as well as Hollywood's own – the industry's source for hot entertainment news and reviews! Now Variety's review was a little lower than we expected it to be (this being our 2nd book in the series and all), but we know full well that it's much easier to critique a book or series than it is to write, draw, color or edit one. ; ) :: :: Immortal Kiss™

UPDATED 5/30/06
Silver Bullet Comic Books Reviews Marshal #1!
It appears that is the latest comics-related website to publically review our new Sci-fi Western, Marshal. And being the third review of the book (that we know about) we're happy to hear that reviewer, Robert Murray, also had some very postive things to say about this series' first issue!

Click here to read the review!

UPDATED 5/1/06
First Review For Marshal #1 Hits the Web!.
Brant W. Fowler of just posted the first review of Marshal™ which hits stores Wednesday, May 3rd. Brant does a great job of summing up the concept and then giving you his review of the good, the bad, and the ugly although oddly enough the latter two elements were hard to find. Check out his review by clicking the link below or the cover icon.

Indy-Pendant review
:: Marshal™ Mini-Site

UPDATED 3/31/06
Dabel Brothers Fight The Corporations
This Spring With Marshal!
Kevin Noel Olson from Silver Bullet Comics is the newest brave soul to take on Marshal™ creator, Bill Tortolini in a one-on-one interview further exploring this hyper-buzzed new series from Dabel Brothers Productions and G.I. Studios. This interview contains an inked version of the cover to Issue One as well as a deeper look behind the themes of the concept through Bill's personal perspective!

Interview – Silver Bullet Comics

UPDATED 3/20/06
Three Creators – One Great Interview!
Chris Meade from The Comics Review recently interviewed the Marshal's creative team. Bill Tortolini, Andrew LoVuolo and Abdul Rashid all got to chime in and answer some very thought-provoking questions during the session. Click on the hyperlink to hear what they had to say!

Interview – The Comics Review

UPDATED 3/13/06
Marshal™ #1 Preview at!
DB pro has released the 5- page preview to So feel free to go check it out!

Marshal™ :: News-a-rama Preview

UPDATED 3/10/04
Interview with a Vampire Creator!
We've just held our first official interview with Immortal Kiss creator, Dion Floyd. Click the link to read about his big debut into the field of comic books as well as what's in store for this title and others!

Interview :: Enter Immortal Kiss™
UPDATED 8/30/03
Comic Buyers Guide Covers The Rift!
Nathan Melby of Comics Buyers Guide took the time out of his busy schedule to interview our very own Andrew LoVuolo for their weekly publication. Click the cover-shot or the link below to read the article!
Click here to read the article!


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