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UPDATED 12/21/08
Happy Holidays, Everyone!
Everyone here at Graphic Illusions Studios would like to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season. As we get nailed here on the East Coast we send out our warmest wishes to our fans, friends and family that you all stay safe and warm this season and look forward to an even more prosperous New Year.

Cheers to Everyone around the world!

UPDATED 12/1/08
In Memoriam: Andrew Weirnicki
Andrew Wiernicki, age 48 of Taunton, MA, died Tuesday Nov 25, 2008 at his home in Taunton after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Andrew was a talented, modest, and quiet man who loved coming up with that next cool sculpt. He loved making his favorite comic book characters spring to life in clay by way of his gifted hands.

I am thankful to have met Andrew and although his inital 15" statue prototype was stolen from us (by an unnamed third party) it was a surreal honor when I first saw our character Ja'Laar carved out in the round twice as both the 15" statue as well as a mini-bust.

We will miss you dearly, Andrew. View Andrew's full obituary here.

UPDATED 10/22/08
Don't Miss Out On Some Cool Toys!
We continue to blow out some one-off toys and collectibles from our personal collections
! We've just sold a bunch of hard-to-part-with rarities from the 'attic' and we'll be posting a second batch of 'must sells' soon! As much as it hurts to see most of these items go we're glad that they're finding new homes with fans across the globe!

Click to explore Andrew's Attic!

UPDATED 8/15/08
ComicBookTrailers.com Launches!
Atlanta, GA - New Legend Productions, Inc. introduces a new website, ComicBookTrailers.com.  A new Internet service that specializes in showcasing comic book related trailers.  The site was developed by G.I. Studios and is currently displaying promotional videos for close to thirty comic books and comic-related projects...

Read the full Official Press Release!

UPDATED 4/8/08
Slip Under the Covers with C.C. Cowan!
When author/actor C.C. Cowan chose us as his main design firm we had no idea that we'd be designing covers for some of his hottest titles. So now two of his three websites are 'live' and his main site features the following covers designed by Andrew J. LoVuolo: All Things Amplified, Life: Through My Eyes, Never Say Love, Surprise I'm Home, and When A Man Cries.

Also keep an eye out for his children's book series Amanda's Amazing Adventures for which we designed the logo, website, and the colorful cover art drawn by Abdul Rashid and colored by Erik Korsgaard!

UPDATED 1/7/08
Get Lost – in 'Andrew's Attic'!
We're fans and collectors just like you and that means picking and choosing what collectibles we've got room for and which ones need to find a new home. Rather than mess with auctions we've decided to expand our online store to include rare limited items that we don't have room for and that you might be hunting down for our own collections! We affectionately call this expansion – Andrew's Attic.

Click to explore Andrew's Attic!

UPDATED 1/4/08
Resolutions and Revelations for 2008!
Happy New Year, Everyone! 2008 starts off with a premiere ashcan for Urban Sprawl™ as well as two new properties from creator Dion Floyd. Andrew LoVuolo's The Rift #5 will hopefully be in your hands for MegaCon 2008! We're working to offer downloadable alternate versions of our books, new statues, new toys, and so much more to talk about! We've got 12 months to slowly roll out the comic book goodness so please stay tuned!

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