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Sherrilyn Kenyon and The League™ Brand Logos
While working as Art Director for Pearse Street Consulting in 2009 I had the pleasure of working with #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Sherrilyn Kenyon on her massive social network. Oddly enough Sherrilyn's comics were published by my former comic book publisher! We finally met face-to-face at NY Comic Con and shortly after I was laid off she contacted me to see if I would help her design her official brand logo and the logo for her book series The League™. The results of this fun project can be viewed on the left.

Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love's Belador™ Logo and Novel Cover design
Weeks passed after finishing up on Sherrilyn's logos when I got an email from Sherri introducing me to her writing partner Dianna Love. Dianna and Sherrilyn were cooking up a new series called The Beladors™ and were looking for a very intricate Celtic design for a logo so we cooked one up (see logos 2009). Once approved We moved into designing the cover layout for this all new series. Typically the publisher's own design team does the final work, but my design would serve as the basis for theirs. I was later asked to take the final design and rework it into a killer promotional T-Shirt for the 2010 DragonCon Convention. The shirt design can be seen below.

1st Mockup

Final Cover

Convention Promo T-Shirt

Belador Mockups

What is ColorSplash™?

There is so much passion inside all of our talented artists that we just can't keep them to ourselves! That's why we've assigned an entire team of colorists to service the industry after they're done coloring our books! We set up professional rates and different levels of detail depending on the individual needs of our clients. Our staff is trained in several styles in order to fit whatever looks one might be trying to achieve on their books. So if you have a project that's running close to deadline feel free to schedule one of our ColorSplash™ colorists today!

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