Print Design

Business Cards

It's hard to believe that most people will come to us looking for a web design or logo design and not even think to ask if we design for print media. We can and we sure do! Since the 1990's a lot has moved to the digital space, but we still see our fair share of business card, postcard, and packaging print design projects too. If you're looking for an afforable custom business card design just let us know.

Package Design

Our creative staff has put together some eye-catching product designs for many clients. From creating a series of comic-book-character themed fireworks boxes to designing DVD inserts and labels to mocking up boxes for limited edition resin statues we've covered it all. So bring your next package design or full color insert to us and know in full confidence that Andrew and his trusted staff of illustrators can deliver it if you can dream it.

Character Design

Got a great story eating away at you, but you can't draw a straight line? Look no further. Graphic Illusions Studios has a staff of artists who can work with you to bring those characters to life for you. Your dreams can be realized at competitive page rates! Go ahead e-mail us and you'll be one step closer to the shelves and stands! Want a book drawn for you? Give us your deadlines and we'll give you a series! As a freelance creator-owned company we want nothing more than to be surrounded by extraordinary talent. While other companies are keeping their talents under their vest we are ready and willing to get people started in this great field of dreams!

What is ColorSplash™?

There is so much passion inside all of our talented artists that we just can't keep them to ourselves! That's why we've assigned an entire team of colorists to service the industry after they're done coloring our books! We set up professional rates and different levels of detail depending on the individual needs of our clients. Our staff is trained in several styles in order to fit whatever looks one might be trying to achieve on their books. So if you have a project that's running close to deadline feel free to schedule one of our ColorSplash™ colorists today!

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