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What Tears Their Lives Apart - Will Bring Their Souls Together!

The Rift™ tells the tale of three ordinary humans who, like us, go through the same motions of everyday life. These three strangers are forced together to confront things that they neither believe nor understand. The Rift™ is a book that delivers characters that you will care about, thoughtful dialogue, a sense of mystery and wonderment.

The Rift #4

The Rift #4

Writer: Andrew LoVuolo (Marshal, T.H.U.N.D.E.R.agents)
Pencils: Robert Atkins, Brennan Rudd
Inks: Matt Dalton
Ink Assists: A. Janowsky & B. Rudd
Colors: Erik Korsgaard
Letters: LithiumPro (Transformers, Star Trek)

Special Cover by Paul Gulacy &J immy Palmiotti

Synopsis: Y'Nett’s™ mysterious transformation from a lone munitions expert into something deadlier is fully realized at the cost of the diminishing vampire clan in Ireland. Meanwhile our human heroes and their newfound Kudarian friend, Silo’Ett, find out who those men in black really are. Battle tensions rise and the action is about to begin, but what are Julie Ryan™ and Nicky Nuzzo™ doing at the country’s first public beach? Find out in The Rift #4.

NOTE: This issue presented a huge series of hurdles for us as a publisher. Our back covers were flipped, four pages went missing, and two lines of dialogue were also missing from Page 17. Below are the missing and re-edited pages as they were meant to be seen originally.

Price: $2.99 + S&H

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